CONSISTENCY: 5 Reasons Persistence Bring Success

Life is full of repetitive moments and to say that it is boring is just focusing on the least important part of the process, the feeling of boredom and uncertainty. Especially in business, repetition may be boring but it is important in building success over time as it produces mastery and consistency.

Prioritize: Say No

PRIORITIZE: The Delicate Art of Saying No

Saying no can be difficult but it is a better alternative than not being able to help people and give a sub par performance. You have to prioritize what is best for the one asking for help, for you, and for everyone. Sometimes the best help you can give someone is to just say no.


BNI Hong Kong Vision Chapter

香港 BNI Vision 白金分會 (BNI Hong Kong Vision Chapter) 香港 BNI Vision 白金分會成立於 2014年 ,擁有超過60位不同專業領域的專才, 奉行BNI「先付出, 後回報(Givers Gain)」的宗旨, Vision 會員間互相引薦業務,把會員的產品和服務正面地推介給別人, 實踐市場學上最強的宣傳策略 — …